CED Light Gray Neck Gaiter Buff Full Color


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Custom Neck Buffs/Gaiters/Scarves

Elastic Microfiber seamless tube bandana is a new type of multifunctional, colorful scarf, often worn on our head, neck or wrist. 10+ ways to wear such a magic bandana: as a scarf, a neckerchief, a sweat absorbing headband, a wristband, a hair band, a beanie, a pirate cap, a face shield for ultraviolet ray and wind protection in outdoor. Great for a bicycle race, a rugby match, fishing trips, Marathon etc. 19" L x 9.5" W. 19" L x 9.5" W


Go with the step and repeat design or build your own!

Choose your back ground color and imprint color.  Print on 1 or both sides

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